July 1, 2020

Does a Professional Branding Agency Help Your Brand Grow?

Brand Strategy and Identity Development

In marketing, the two most confused terms are – ‘brand” and logo”. Most people use them interchangeably. But, in reality, both these terms are different. While a logo is just a visual representation of a business, a brand is much more. While logo is just a small part of the brand, the brand is a concept in itself. A logo can be the symbol of a business; it is not the entirety of a brand. In fact, creating a logo is just one small step toward developing a strong brand identity.

To create a strong brand and brand identity, its best to leave it to the professionals. If you are looking to hire the services of a professional branding agency in Delhi, then read on. The agency can help you not only create a brand identity, but also help grow your brand.


What is Brand and Brand Identity?

Originally, the term “brand” was used to refer to the marks that cattle ranchers “branded” on their cattle, so as to identify their animals. Today, we are not talking about cattle, but the basic concept of brand is the same.

A brand may be defined as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that helps you identify the goods or services from one seller from the other. Just like a human being, a brand, too has many elements involved. A brand is much more than just being a name, it has a history of its own, its own values and cultures. In short, a brand has its own identity, which we call Brand Identity.

Brand identity may be defined as the collection of all the elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its target consumer. If you are looking to have an ever increasing customer base, then it’s critical to have a strong and positive brand identity. There are several professional branding agencies in Delhi, which can help you to achieve the twin objectives of first creating the brand and then helping in to grow.


Does a professional branding agency help you grow your brand?

Just like, a CA helps a company by maintaining their accounts, a professional branding agency can help you get to the heart of what you do and why. The agency can help you create a template for every interaction with the employees. This includes the ad templates, look and feel of your website, tone of your communication and even how your employees answer the phone.

And how does an agency do that? Well, there are many ways a professional branding agency can help you grow your brand. Given below is a list of top 6 ways.

  1. Creating a right marketing strategy: This is the biggest benefit a professional agency brings to the table. Doing business without an effective strategy can lead to chaos and unpredictable results. But agencies can help you formulate a marketing strategy that will glue all aspects of your marketing to give a unified look to the brand.
  2. Creating unique website: In today fast changing world, customers are looking for a more and more personalized interaction. And websites are no exception. Generic websites are passé, and now customers are looking for a web experience that is user-friendly and quickly answers their queries. A professional agency can help you design a website that serves both the functional and aesthetic elements of the website, which meets or exceeds your expectations. Now only that, they manage the website and keep it updated.
  3. Search engine optimization: In today’s digital world, no company can make the mistake of avoiding digital media. Today, most sales initiate with a search on Google. And if your business cannot be found on Page 1 or Page 2, you could be missing on lot of business. Professional agencies can help you devise an effective SEO, so that your business is visible online through keyword research, site architecture optimization, and creative content creation. 
  1. Creating Content that clicks: When it comes to Marketing Communication, ‘content’ remains the king. A professional agency has dedicated people to create creative content that the customers like to read. They are aware of the latest trends and can create content to build brand relationships online. The problem is it is probably one of the most time-consuming methods of marketing out there. As a business owner, having a dedicated marketing agency managing your content marketing program can be invaluable.
  1. Designing Creative Marketing Collaterals: An effective brand identity is one that works consistently across all marketing channels – including print collaterals. A creatively designed business card can be your best salesperson. Similarly, well designed banners, brochures, sales sheet can create a top of mind (TOM) recall for your brand, which will help them make educated buying decisions. 
  1. Conducting Market Analytics: Good marketing is never based on pure guess work. Of course, marketing involves lot of creative instinct, but these instincts are not in air. Every step of marketing agency is taken after carefully examining the market data and using analytics to make meaningful interpretations out of that data.


Conclusion: Hiring a professional branding agency, helps a business in ways more than once. The first is that, these agencies have a dedicated team of innovators, who act as eyes and ears for your brand.

There are several professional branding agencies in Delhi, who function as an extended arm of your marketing team, while you focus on developing your core work. You may be rest assured that there is an entire team of web developers, copywriters, designers, and account managers, who are expert in their field and are dedicatedly working to help in the growth and success of your business.

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